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A Trading that is fully automated and highly reliable using our highly intelligence a.i. trading bot
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The new era of becoming a profitable trader

Easy To Get Started

No Need To Monitor And Analyze The Market

Choose The Portfolio Of Your Risk Appetite

No Trading Knowledge Or Experience Required

Proven Track Record With Verified Results

Full Ownership Of Trading Account And Capital

Trade Smart, Profit Automatically.

Features of our Ultimate and proven a.i. trading bot

Trade Execution Automation

Every trades are executed automatically base on the bot’s strategy.

Automated Take Profit And Stop Loss

Once a trade is executed, take profit and stop loss are automatically set in place.

Highly Complex Strategies Integrated Into One

No more hassle of analyzing the market by yourself or learning a ton of useless strategies.

Trade The Gold Market That Yields The Best Returns

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The gold market is one of the most traded and most volatile market thus yielding the best return possible.

24/5 Market Analysis

No more hassle of analyzing the market by yourself as the bot will analyze the execute trade throughout the day

Advanced Money Management

tested and proven over the time to maintain profitability in all market conditions.

Proven LIVE Track Record

Verified accounts by myfxbook

New Era of Trading.

Discover AUrumintel's advantage with our cutting-edge a.i. trading technology and copytrading platform

Trading has entered into a new era where automation thrive and works way better than human trading. It’s time to think out of the box and trade smart.

Features of Copy Trading Platform.

the most all-rounded and advanced copy trading system today


Copy exactly the same trading volume as the Master's volume based on your capital ratio.

Full Control

Gain Full Control Over Your Trading Account Even When Following A.I.T.E

Directional Trading

Choose to copy both buy and sell trades or either one direction.

Powered By

Advance Risk Management

Auto-Unsubscribe when your account hit certain specified floating loss or total loss.

Set Desired Trading Lots

Only copy trades that are above/below a specified minimum/maximum lots

Automated 70/30 Profits Splitting

We Only Split When There Is Profits Hence It Is A Win-Win Situation For Everyone.

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Deposit your funds into your trading account via credit/debit card (master/visa), wire transfer, crypto.

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